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A search toward a distant earlier, amidst resourcefulness and splendour, and see a majestic memorial enclosed by Mediterranean greenery. New ‘stone giant’ La Prisgiona slowly rewrites the newest Nuragic decades, unravelling the latest mysteries nearby they. The life span of your state-of-the-art, constructed on a great pre-existing ‘corridor’ design, covers several years of your time (14th-8th 100 years BC), with a brief period away from career at the end of the newest Roman several months (4th-5th millennium Advertisement).

It actually was a research part to possess a vast territory, a sort of area in those days, composed of an excellent fortress, a huge community and you may a great funerary memorial

Los angeles Prisgiona is the archaeological pearl out of Arzachena, located on a granite slope ignoring the new Capichera area, 10 minutes throughout the town and a few kms in the shores of Costa Smeralda (‘Amber Coast’) therefore the glamorous Porto Cervo. A magnificent views away from slopes ‘embroidered’ which have vermentino vineyards models the fresh new background into nuraghe, having its a central tower (keep) and two lateral systems linked from the a circular bastion. Toward the base, you will notice around hewn and you will irregularly set-up reduces, since the ashlars be more worked therefore the rows neater because the you are going right up. Its majesty try epitomised from the entrance architrave, which is around three metres enough time and you will weighs 7 tonnes. The fresh new hall contributes to the legal right to a niche, left to your staircase for the first floor and you may in the centre in order to a bent chamber, almost eight metres high, having about three niches and topped having a tholos (false dome).

The size, architecture and you may status highly recommend the key part of webpages, a single-regarding into the Gallura and one of the most interesting on the isle

A mighty curtain wall surface surrounds new main tower and you will includes the new two side towers. Consequently, it’s protected by an excellent bulwark, erected within a later on stage. Both walls delimit a huge courtyard. In the centre stands a properly, hence offered water on complex. On eight yards deep, it’s still into the functioning buy! Next door, on Late Bronze Years, a beneficial ‘meeting hut’ is escort service Hollywood oriented, equipped with a ring table on which the most important anybody in the neighborhood seated. Plus the dishes, drinking water jug and you may oils lamp, a half-metre high jug of strange profile and you can unusual decorations is actually receive, probably employed for distilling and dispensing a different take in getting people in the governmental gatherings and you can spiritual rituals. Several rewarding pottery artefacts were found in the really, portraying photos from daily life: preparing containers, pans, ollae, servings and you may spinning gadgets. This new jugs utilized in the fresh new meeting hut also consisted of drink, verifying one viticulture existed for the Sardinia more than around three thousand in years past.

You are going to remain the check out outside of the wall structure, along the smooth routes you to independent the fresh new almost one hundred huts of your community, delivered inside the short stops and you can generally nonetheless getting discover. The fresh new considerable sized the fresh new community (five hectares) plus the architectural variations suggest that they became and you can altered multiple times. Excavations and you may artefacts ‘tell’ all of us it absolutely was inhabited from the a great best neighborhood in your neighborhood, organised and you will active, and that forged backlinks having neighbouring villages and you will exchanged items brought with the a big level along with other Mediterranean peoples. Latest evaluation have indicated that design circumstances was basically specialized: some huts were used to have running and you may retaining eating (money and grain), anybody else to have craft functions. That cut-off turned into a pottery working area that have a good kiln, closet and you will traces out-of good potter’s really works. Immediately following going to the village, you are going to walking one kilometre over the ‘path of one’s giants’ to the tomb off Coddu Vecchju, a good burial website regarding the Ancient Tan Ages (19th-seventeenth BC). In the middle of the fresh new exedra out of granite slabs really stands a good four-metre-high centred stele, adorned having an effective cornice.